What Do Our Customers Say About Us

"You should definitely have Bentley's take your pictures! They're the best in all of North Georgia!" - Chelsey, JCCHS

"I liked how my pictures looked like me. They were natural and anyone could look at my pictures and see my personality clearly." - Alexis, WBHS

"It was fun and I was able to be myself." - Weston, Apalachee High School

"It was very professional. I never felt rushed. Even my horse felt comfortable being photographed!" - Elise, Mill Creek High School

"My session was fun, I really enjoyed it, I laughed a bunch and the photographer was really nice. When I got them they were so nice it made my mom tear up." - Ze' Janique, Flowery Branch High School

"When I saw your work online I knew it was better than the school photographer. You can't go wrong if you use Bentley's." - Stephanie, North Oconee High School

"If you want the best senior pics, make sure you go to Bentleys!" - Katelynn, WBHS

"My session was fun, exciting and something I will not forget! The photographs were beautiful. The quality was amazing! I'm so happy with them!" - Reid, Loganville Christian Academy

"It was fun, I don't like getting my picture taken but you guys made it fun. I enjoyed it and they looked great." - Dalton, WBHS

"They are unique to anything I have done before. Each shot seemed to capture my different emotions. I would definitely recommend Bentley's." - Reagan, Collins Hill High School

"My session was very laid back and I liked that." - Matt, WBHS

"I like the quality and variety of them. No two pictures look similar!" - Melanie, North Oconee High School

"I liked how they truly captured my interests and personality in a snapshot. They screamed "me"! Go to Bentley's, you won't regret it." - Maddie, Apalachee High School

"I love how you guys take your time making sure we get just what we want." - Tristin, WBHS

"It was tons of fun." - Alyssa, WBHS

"I loved the backgrounds and natural look of the portraits. Bentley's was first on my list of places to go." - MacKenzie, Prince Avenue Christian

"Amazing! I cold not have asked for a better senior session!" - Morgan, Harrison High School

"It's worth the drive." - Sammie, Collins Hill High School

"Unmatched quality and perfect lighting." - Collin, JCCHS

"It was an exciting experience. I didn't feel uncomfortable at all and loved the places we took shots." - Lindsay, North Oconee High School

"You can't go wrong with choosing Bentley's" - Anna, WBHS

"I liked the way that each photo really captured my spirit." - Ellen, WBHS

"The best year of your life deserves the best in photography, Bentley's" - Drake Corbin, JCCHS

"I wouldn't go anywhere else for high quality senior pics." - Laura Cross, WBHS

"Bentley’s are the best photographers around. I knew I would get a quality product. The quality was great! It was fun, quick and easy." - Drew Hixson, Apalachee High School

"Fun sessions, great quality of pictures and awesome props!" - Lance Elrod, WBHS

"If you’re looking for a good time and experience Bentley's is professional, courteous and will make your experience a pleasant one." - Christiana Stevenson, Mt. View High School

"Why get bad quality photos at school when you can support the community business with creative photos?" - Kayla Vickery, Apalachee High School

"It was fun!!" - Amanda Coley, Oconee County

"Very relaxed, where I could be myself and really let my personality shine through all my pictures." - Nicole Karn, Buford

"They were absolutely beautiful. I have never seen myself more beautiful and they looked like something I would want to keep with me the rest of my life." - Channing Kirkman, Collins Hill

"It was a lot of fun and really easy. I was afraid it would feel like a chore, but it didn’t at all. I liked the individuality." - Taylor Solomon, Athens Academy

"Easy and stress free!" - Samantha Hatcher, Apalachee

"Great and painless. Make sure and go to Bentley’s to have your senior pictures, you will love the end product." - Weston Kiley, WBHS

"Everything was top notch! If you don’t choose Bentley’s you will miss out on the fun experience and great quality." - Stephanie Teague, WBHS

"I had a blast getting my pictures done. The session is all about you." - Quentin Deaton, WBHS

"It was fun and not a dull moment" - Lorryn Fisher, WBHS

"It was wonderful! I felt like a model!" - Brittany Ayers, Dacula High School

"I felt really comfortable with the photographer and would love to come back. My portraits made me look really pretty." - Bridgette Williams, Apalachee High School

"At first I was nervous but Mike made me feel comfortable and relaxed. it was so easy and fun!" - Danielle Daffin, Dacula High School

"At Bentley's you get good quality pictures while enjoying yourself at the same time. It was actually fun, everyone there is really friendly." - Brooke Lee, East Jackson Comp. High School

"They brought out all of my good features. When I see them, I’m like, "dang whose that good lookin' girl in those pictures?" I wouldn’t change a thing." - Mary Henderson, WBHS

"Don't do the old standard school shots, go to Bentley’s and get a picture that shows who you are in the way of style, your stuff and backgrounds. Lots of fun!" - Christine Jones, Dacula High School

"Just have fun with it because you will always have these to look back on and remember your senior year." - Charly Garmon, Flowery Branch High School

"I never thought having pictures made could be fun, but that was a lot of fun." - Aaron Christopherson, WBHS

"Bentley Photography really seemed to care, they wanted my pictures to look just as good as I wanted them too! I felt so comfortable! They were different from any other senior portraits I have ever seen!" - Chaunacey Beussee, Home Schooled

"I would say to go to Bentley Photography for your senior portraits because they provide wonderful pictures without the common stress and anxiety usually associated with such monumental occasions." - Sidney Sanders, Athens Academy

"It was fun. I felt very relaxed throughout the process and had fun while doing it." - Maegan Rollins, WBHS

"I liked having a nice formal setting but then having a really good informal picture as well." - Joe Banford, Apalachee High School

"I looked sexy." - Josh Carter, WBHS

"Fun, the photographer was really good at making me relax and pose." - Bethany Ensley, Oconee County High School

"I had fun just being in front of the camera and enjoying a privilege of being a senior. I loved the outdoor settings and how pretty and creative the pictures were." - Tiffany Moss, Johnson High School

"It was an excellent time and I got to choose where I wanted to go. I wouldn’t change anything." - Joshua Daugherty, Mill Creek

"Plan ahead and do the Winder session and just relax and enjoy it." - Paige Porter, North Oconee High School

"Y'all have some of the best photographers and photographs I have seen. Definitely a great way to start off your senior year." - Jordan Eash, Mill Creek

"Classy and elegant, they make you feel good about yourself." - Meagen Hinkle, Faith Academy

"Mike was awesome! I had a blast, if I could I would do it again!" - Amber Stinchcomb, WBHS

"I felt like a superstar! I love the unique quality my portrait have. It make my photos stand out from my friends senior portraits" - Kelsey Bagwell, Lakeview Academy

"Mike really seemed to care about the quality of pictures he gave us and he made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My session was laid back and fun. Mike was making me laugh the whole time!" - Brittney Adams, Johnson High School

"Bentley’s portraits just seem to come to life compared to other studios." - Emma Turner, East Jackson Comp. High School

"I love how my senior pictures reflect the real me." - Candice Brown, WBHS

"Mike was so nice and welcoming. I felt like I was at home. The quality was so great. I've never had any pictures that were even close to turning out that well." - Amberly Powell, WBHS

"It was a very relaxed setting. There was no "get in, get out" vibe. The whole session I felt entirely comfortable and not rushed in the least." - Kristen Cash, WBHS

"FUN! I felt really at ease. Everything was just very laid back. Go to Bentley's" - Haley Williams, Oconee County High School

"I would highly recommend your studio. I will encourage all the girls I know to come to you." - Kelsey Marie Rhodes, North Oconee High School

"Fun, fun, fun!" - Jacklen Rice, Oconee County High School

"My session was a chance of a lifetime, I loved every moment, it was fun exciting and Mike is AMAZING!" - Jenny Fowler, Dacula High School

"Perfect from beginning to end. I was a little nervous at first because I hate having my picture made. But after just a few minutes I was able to kick back, relax and hae fun! I felt like a model!" - Allie Dyar, home School

"Ever since I was a freshman I have always wanted Bentley’s to do my pictures. There was no question as to where I would to." - Emily Cofer, WBHS

"I felt like a princess. The entire time that I was there the focus was on me and I didn’t feel like I was pushed thru a line with someone yelling "next!!"." - Amber Martin, Jefferson

"It was really fun and there were so many to choose from." - Lora Oliver, Oconee County High

"I felt like a model. Bentley Photography is the only way to go!" - Morgan Schrader, Mill Creek High

"Bentley Photography is the way to go. You get personalized sessions, a lot of attention, and great pictures." - Brad Terrell, Winder-Barrow

"Fun - I loved the cool backgrounds and poses." - Anna Kee, Winder-Barrow High

"It was so much fun, I was nervous at first, but by the end of the session, I didn’t want it to be over." - Lauren Keith, Jefferson High

"I loved all the choices for outdoor pictures. I liked having so many poses to pick from." - Ashley Pruitt, Monroe Area High

"This year only comes once in your life, do it right at Bentley's the first time, you will love the way you look." - Candace Peppers, Apalachee High

"Awesome people, friendly and fun." - Pricilla Beach, Dacula High

"My session was relaxing and fun, the time flew by." - Michael Martin, Winder-Barrow

"Fun and enjoyable. I felt relaxed and confident when taking my pictures and it showed." - Danielle Anderson, Oconee County High

"My session was upbeat and fun. My portrait was just not another picture, it displayed my personality." - Kellie Jones, Grayson High

"Go to Bentley's!" - Sarah White, Monroe Area High

"Bring a variety of clothes and come to have fun." - Amanda Starkey, Parkview High

"The quality of the photographs was simply the best! Before you choose a photographer, call Bentley Photography or better yet make the quick drive to Winder to actually see Mike's work. You’ll see the difference!" - Brenna Decker, North Gwinnett High

"I'm the yearbook editor at my high school and every picture from Bentley’s was amazing!" - Kimberly Ann Mackey, Jackson County High

"Bentley’s makes you feel like you’re the center of attention and they make everything fun, natural and comfortable." - Katelyn Crane, Winder-Barrow

"If you want great pix - go to Bentley's!" - Gabrielle Yates, Jefferson

"If you want to be different, look good and have fun go to Bentley!" - Michelle Meekins, North Gwinnett