At Bentley Photography we offer 7 different sessions to choose from and each has its own unique look. Feel free to pick and choose as many as you like to make the most of your senior portrait experience.


Portraits of you in the studio. Casual, dressy,closeup, full length, smiling, serious or whatever! 10-12 poses. $55


Our outdoor garden studio is designed for environmental portraits and is just steps away from the back door. 10-12 poses. $55


We'll take you to the back alleys and out-of-the-way places in downtown Winder to create a unique urban look. 10-12 poses. $60

My Stuff

Bring your thing! Sports, music, cars, trucks, hobbies, pets or other activities are perfect for this session. 10-12 poses. $55

Road Trip

Parks, grassy fields, your school, ball fields or you tell us! We'll go where you want to go! $60 and up, call for specific prices on your location.


Need the formal shot? Here's the session for you. Tuxedo provided for the guys, drape for the girls. 6-10 poses. $35

A super fun, all day photo session. We take 6 seniors out of town for a truly unique photo experience. Your portraits will definitely not look like anyone elses! Travel, lunch and snacks provided.  $150 (No Discounts Apply To This Session)